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The eRep Program 

We understand the challenges that voucher based tenants face when searching for a new home. That's why our eRep program is here to lend a helping hand. When you join us, you'll have a personal advocate working for you, making sure landlords see your true value. No more worrying about constant application fees or rushing to meet voucher deadlines – we've got you covered. With eRep, finding your perfect home becomes an easier and more enjoyable experience. 

Personal Advocate

Your personal advocate through eRep ensures professional support, making your housing search more efficient, cost-effective, and stress-free.

Voucher Expiration Dates

Our swift and efficient processes ensure timely management, providing peace of mind throughout your housing journey

Application Fees

Avoid the frustration of continuous application fees and rejections. Pay a one-time fee to join, and let our advocacy save you from the expense and stress of endless application fees with constant rejections.

Stress Free Process

Let us handle the complexities of finding a home so you can focus on being a parent. 

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